Inspired by the culture and style of 1930’s France, Salon Deco echoes the form of the chair backs seen across Paris salons during the Art Deco period. Angular lines are overlaid in a palette of metallic silver and gold silk yarns, to create a modern and unique rug design. The subtle grey wool background provides a neutral base for the silk motif border to illuminate in the light, adding luxuriousness, richness and depth to any space.


Craftsmanship: Handknotted Tibetan wool & silk

Technique: cut pile

Salon Deco by Tim, Gosling (3.05m 2.44m)

SKU: RC0011
  • Tim Gosling’s design company, Gosling, offers a bespoke service of design and furniture that has style and longevity.

    Gosling's commitment to artisanal craft permeates through every aspect of his work, our own dedication to quality and traditional craftsmanship, values which are discovered in his rug collection.

    Gosling's passion for the Art Deco movement in London has inspired his rug designs, using design language born out of a sense of architecture and history.

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