Featuring quadrilateral layers and structures which are inspired by the connections, junctions, overlaps and free spaces within a city. Using a combination of handknotted Tibetan wool and silk in blue, grey and cream tones, this design features four intersecting, intriguing textures in a range of pile heights, giving the rug a three-dimensional effect.


Price Band: 7

Craftsmanship: Handknotted Tibetan wool and silk

Knot count: 80 knot

Technique: Cut Pile & Raised Motif

Mainland Dark by Sebastian Herkner (3.04m x 2.13m)

SKU: RC0006
  • Known for his outstanding talent as a product designer, award-winning German designer Sebastian Herkner merges various cultural contexts, combining new technologies with traditional craftsmanship to highlight the multifaceted beauty of the materials and draw renewed attention to small details.

    Herkner is continually innovating with new avant-garde creations. His passion and respect for traditional materials resonate in the creation of his designs.

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