Carnival is a dramatic development of Paul's classic stripes, drawing inspiration from film transparencies and the vibrant movement of carnival dancers. The pattern is layered and complex presenting a challenge for our weavers in Nepal.


Price Band: 8

Craftsmanship: Handknotted Tibetan wool

Knot count: 100 knot

Technique: Cut Pile

Carnival by Paul Smith (3.03m x 2.44m)

SKU: RC0008
  • The champion of eclectic British fashion, Paul Smith, describes his unique and much-coveted style as ‘classic with a twist’.

    His creations are infused with a sense of humour which is beautifully married with a love of tradition; his unmistakable Englishness is augmented by the unexpected and the eccentric.

    Paul’s confident, bright rug designs can transform a room and many have become undoubted icons of design.

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