Interior Design Trends for 2021

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Embrace the cottagecore trend

So what exactly is cottagecore?

In short, it would seem cottagecore is an aesthetic that started life on social media. It's all very wholesome, pastoral and based around rural life. Type in #cottagecore on Instagram and your page will be filled with soft pastel colors, floaty dresses, quaint cottage interiors and a bit of Animal Crossing thrown in there too. 

A  really cheap way to bring this 2021 trend into your home is to scour our pre-owned page for some really unique bargain buys. The quirky the better when it comes to cottagecore. Just think cluttered (in a good way), super cozy and just a little bit kitsch... 

Become a Grandmillennial

Anyone for Granny Chic?

This is basically a new 2020/21 name for granny chic. It's all about floral prints, lace table cloths, embroidered curtains, but it's not twee, oh no, it's timeless and we love it. There is a way to do it though to prevent your home from actually looking like your nan's bedsit. You'll see that these Grandmillennials do go big on the old fashioned prints and designs, but give spaces a modern twist by adding in some more contemporary pieces, say a Mid-century style velvet sofa. Sure, the spaces are nostalgic but they don't feel dated or stuffy. 

Grand millenial.JPG

Create a space filled with natural textures

We are seeing texture increasingly being used to add interest to rooms rather than color. We love the look of plenty of textures layered up but all in the same, or very similar color. In living rooms and bedrooms, cushions and blankets are an obvious way of doing this but in other rooms, try bringing in textures with plants prints and well-curated knick knacks. 

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